Apex Medichem strongly believes that with its excellent infrastructure and extensive chemical business background, it is aptly positioned for APIs & Intermediates manufacturing and outsourcing for global pharmaceutical & chemical industries.

The ultimate business strategy of Apex Medichem is “to be a partner in the global pharmaceutical and chemical industries and continue to be a reliable and consistent supplier of API,s and Intermediates”.

API,s and Intermediates

Apex Medichem inherits the ‘chemistry’ & 'enviroment infrastructure' strength from its parent company to become a global supplier of APIs and Intermediates to pharmaceutical and chemical industries, by utilizing its ability to handle complex chemical synthesis. The company has built up strength in the development, process optimization, scale-up and cGMP production of API,s and Intermediates.

The company carefully analyses & evaluates Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to avoid patent infringement.

Apex Medichem capabilities include non-infringing synthetic route selection with respect to patents, processes and analytical validation, optimization and successful scale-up from bench to manufacturing. Production is undertaken in the state-of-the-art multi-purpose cGMP compliant manufacturing facility. In order to meet the regulatory requirements, molecule formation, isolation of API and their subsequent operations such as drying, milling, blending and packing are carried out in a facility having cGMP practices.